I am innately a writer. Both of fiction and non-fiction. Writing is in my blood, and something that I’ve been doing since a very young age. It is the way that I express myself, good, bad or indifferent. It is what I do.

My “greater” works can be found under the pen name Dawn Luellan, a name that is meant to honor my deceased mother, who always encouraged me to write. Those will not be appearing here. Rather, I have another site for those. Worlds of Imagination

The works that I will share here are my “fiddlings”. Those things that I write, not only to pacify the muses in my mind, but for enjoyment. They are, BY NO MEANS, meant to be great works of literature. Some may even be in their raw, unedited form. They are meant to be fun!

On and off for the past, almost 10 years, I’ve engaged in a form of written play. Written Role Playing. Basically, it is akin to a round robin. One player will write from the perspective of one character and then another player will come in and add to the scene from the perspective of another character, and so it will progress until the scene is considered ‘done’.

The stories that are told/written are what is considered to be “fan fiction”.  Fictional stories set in a particular “fandom” – a universe created by other authors/artists.  In my case, I’ve become more comfortable playing in the Harry Potter Universe and have “pulled the strings” of many of the various “canon” characters, those that J.K. Rowling authored into her universe (ie Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley). I have also created quite a few original characters whose lives take place within the universe she created.  Most recently, though, I’ve begun to try my hand at the DC Universe fandom.  We shall see what comes about from that in the future.

The stories that one will find within this blog will be most of the stories that I am/will be writing for the challenges I do throughout the year. Some of these may or may not be fan fiction. Some may be “canon”, some may be based on an “alternate universe/history” that I created for one or more games. Again, they are written for FUN, and should be read in that vein. They are NOT meant to be great works of fiction.

Come join me as I venture through the creative pathways of my mind…

Please Note:  All contents of this blog are Copyright © 2010 tickledbymuses.  All rights reserved.

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